March 1, 2010

Plain Catfish curry (Bengali Style)


Catfish- 4 pieces
Potato- 1 medium size
Tomato- 1 small
Ginger paste- 1 tea spoon
Turmeric Powder- ¼ tea spoon
Cumin Powder- ¼ tea spoon 
Coriander Powder- ¼ tea spoon
Fenugreek seeds- ¼ tea spoon.
Salt- As per taste
Green Chilly- 1 or 2 (it can be less or more)
Oil- 3 - 4 table spoons


Wash the Catfish; drain the extra water, and then rub the fish blocks with a little bit of salt and a pinch of turmeric.       

Grate the whole tomato to pulp. Take a bowl. Add the tomato pulp, ginger paste, turmeric, cumin, and coriander powder and little bit water. Make smooth gravy out of all.

Cut the potato, in to medium cubes.

Heat the oil in a deep dense pan. Let the oil get fully hot. Put the fish blocks slowly in to the pan one by one. Fry till the blocks turn lightly brown. Be careful- the oil splutters a lot during the frying process. Take out the fish pieces draining out the extra oil and reserve.

Never let the Fenugreek Seeds burn or turn black, otherwise it will leave a bitter taste that bitterness will also be added to the other ingredients.
Check how much oil is left in the pan. For the next step very little oil is needed. If you feel extra oil is needed, add. Put the fenugreek seeds and then put the potato cubes and fry till  it turns light brown. 
 Add the tomato paste and salt. Sauté till the aroma of the spices arise from the pan and the oil separates at the side. Add a cup of water stir well, cover with a lid and wait for the water to boil. 
 Add the reserved fish; stir carefully to mix them well in the curry.
Cover the lid, let all cook till the potato gets soft. Add the green chilli and serve with rice.

I am sending this recipe to the event Cooking With Seeds - Fenugreek Seeds , hosted by DenuFood and announced by Priya.


Sayantani said...

khub bhalo recipe. tui prochur ranna korchis to. aste habe tor bari bhalomondo khete :-)

Unknown said...

u r always welcome. ranna chhara aar kichhui kora hoe na...sharadin ta dekhi ranna gharei khete jae..:(

SathyaSridhar said...

cat fish curry looks mouthwatering with tempting pictures,,very easy n simple curry dear,,thanks for sharing. Registered & Protected