September 5, 2015

Quick Party Dessert {"Say Cheese to Chocolate"}

“Anything is good if it's made of chocolate.” 
― Jo Brand
 #Quick post- As promised to a reader to give her this recipe ( or rather no recipe just an idea).
If you have a bunch of kids invited in your party then I guess the first thing will strike up in your mind is to make something out of Chocolate. Even I have seen, give the kids anything they dislike - for example some fruits, they will surely gobble it up if you present it with chocolate. Why only the kids, adults turns on to a kid when it comes to Chocolate. Like as Dave Barry said: Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain”, no wonder chocolate drifts with the same penchant without considering any age. So today I am sharing a perfect chocolaty dessert which is not only a party winner or perfectly pairs a satisfying meal,, it is made in  no time and needs a very less time for preperation. Lets move on to the recipe:
{This is time I have not given any measurement, it is too easy to make and needs just the way like. Please check the Notes #2 for more variations.}
Left over Chocolate Ganache (See Note #1)
Cheese-lings (See Note #3)
Grated Chocolate  
Chocolate syrup/sauce  
1. It is too easy to make. Take some small serving glass/container (Transparent preferable) and assemble all the ingredients in layers, like put a layer of ganache, then a layer of cheese-lings. You can repeat this twice and on the top just drizzle some Chocolate syrup/sauce and some grated chocolate. Your dish is ready.
1. You must be knowing how to make Ganache. If not then check Here and Here. I have mentioned left over Ganache as I made out of it. You can always make fresh one. Just make sure to give it a rest for a couple of hours in the refrigerator before serving it.

2. It can be made under many more variations. 
i] You can use dry fruits or chopped fresh fruits. 
ii] To make it a little boozy, soak some dry fruits in rum overnight and then strain the fruits and add in it. 
iii] Some chunks of chocolate biscuit or Oreo pairs well too. 
iv] You can add layer of Ice cream, fresh fruits and some nuts and top with ganache and chocolate syrup with some choco chips.
There are so many options to make it drool-worthy, just go wild with your creativity and imagination.

3.  If you are giving a layer of cheese- lings, then make sure to arrange it just before serving. Otherwise the cheese-lings will become soggy and the ganache will toss off totally the crispy and crunchiness of the cheese-lings.

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