January 29, 2014

Kolkata Food Bloggers' Birthday Bash- The Potluck Party

Celebration needs no introduction, time or date, mainly when you have a fabulous group of like minded people whose one and only focus is towards Food, Food and Food. So we are the KFBians, always gleeful to grab such opportunity which will give some quality time to spend with each other - eating, clicking and giggling. Ok, this time we did have something special to celebrate. Not only special but an Especial occasion - Our KFB group turned ONE this year on 27th Jan'14. We didn't waste much time, booked one weekend just prior to 27th (as 27th falls on Monday) and got set ready for a fabulous Potluck Party. Awesome Food, Awesome people and of course a perfect venue that our dear Archita and her hubby offered us- their house, which was not less than a lovely resort. The duo was the perfect host and hostess of that afternoon who actually made the party successful. Thanks a lot  Archita and  Abhishek.
When we reached the venue, we were straight way directed to the pretty green garden that proudly treasures the house.  We found two KFBians' hubbies were working hard to get the right flame to set the BBQ to grill the Kababs that Archita had already kept ready. The garden got spontaneous with the chirps of the KFBians and the party dishes slowly started to unveil themselves. 
For the starters we had Fish cake made by Anwesha, Chicken Kababs and Dahi Fuchkas (Gol Gappe) by Archita and some chips with dips. The Fish cake for us was a real surprise as we all expected some kind of patty looking stuff. But what Anwesha stated that this was particularly her Moms recipe. No need to say taste wise it owned all of our hearts. But the real stunner starter of the day was the Kababs.  I have never tasted so yammy Kababs in my life, not even in the restaurant. It was soft, succulent and a perfectly blend of all spices. 
The Kids as well as the adults started taking full advantage of a day off where one can only indulge in playing, chatting, cracking jokes and giggle with his/her heart out. As we all were foodie there, one thing kept on simultaneously running along with everything was chomping, munching and gulping. 
We came to the most precious moment to cherish when we all blow the candle, sang the Happy Birthday song and cut the cake. Yours truly made the Blueberry Cheese Cake topped with Chocolate ganach. I am blushing to say that everybody praised a lot after having the cake..:D
For the Main course we had lip smacking delicious dishes.  Each dish was significantly tasty  and proved that all the Food Bloggers really are expert cooks. Following are the name of the dishes and member's name who made it:
2. Fresh Salad - Archita R
3. Chicken Hawaiian Salad - Anwesha B
5. Sauce da Chole - Amrita Gill
6. Mutton Pasanda - Amrita Gill
8. Chutney - Urmi G
9. Tripple Layered Kaju Sandesh - Urmi G
10. Pudding- Gungun C
11. Nolen Gurer Rasogolla - Chandrima S
Last but not the least, It was really a great pleasure of us to have two guest bloggers - Chandrima Sarkar from Delhi and Gungun Chanda from Mumbai with us. We had a Prize distribution ceremony too. Chandrima Sarkar won a recipe contest by the KFB and we handed over the Prize to her on the auspicious day. Overall it was a great afternoon that we spent with utter merriment and enjoyed with our heart out. Let me finish here now. Happy Birthday KFB. I wish every year we should have this kind of Happy Happy Happy kind of parties and also all over the year KFBians should meet over food and show their excellence in the field they are gaining fame now.


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Lovely pics of the potluck party. Wish I too could have made it with my own contribution. maybe next time.

Amrita Vishal said...

It was indeed a wonderful day spent with lovely company and awesome food

Anonymous said...

One happy man amongst so many pretty ladies. :)!

Glad to see your pics and posts Kji!
I am feeling hungry seeing the pics