January 17, 2014

Andrenalize Event 2014 by Four Seasons

This one was the second event I attended by Four Season and the first Adrenalize event. I have heard and read a lot about the event, mainly the fun part of it really allured me since last year. Luckily this time I got the invitation, but sad at the same time that only three bloggers from Kolkata got invited here- Two Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers and me, the Food Blogger who represented KolkataFood Bloggers group at the same time. Thanks to hubby dear who gave me company as my guest, we reached dot at 7.00pm at the venue, the Tollyguange club. Our dearest Host Peter K Mitter greeted us with a warm welcome, made us sit comfortably and then briefed us about the event. The event has been started by the Gym Section of the Tollyguange Club and every year Four Seasons sponsors it.  
The open air space was ornamented with tinny tiny colourful strings of lamp. Huge artificial grapes hanging from top, gave an impression of the vineyard. The whole atmosphere and the chilly wintry evening carried us to an enchanted world with a romantic aura. The white banquet chairs and tables slowly started getting occupied by the lovely guests. Some treasure hunt event started right from the beginning and all the guests found busy looking for the treasures with a clue in each one's hand. We were not lucky enough to hunt out any treasure. 
To warm us up, Peter no sooner let us enjoy a bottle of Shiraz, the red wine from Four Season.  An assorted cheese platter was already served on each table with some cocktail toasts and mesclun.  All the table got flooded with the Four Season  wines. The guests were started to be seen busy in sips and chomps. 
The DJ on the background slowly got ready to change the mood of the evening in to a music cum dance night. Yes, just in a minute the music banged the party, the dance floor trembled with the tapping feet. From the 20s to the 70s met together happily to get the crown to win the best dancing pair. In intervals the in-house prize distributions kept on ringing but  the music never got stopped. No need to say we also danced with our heart out after a long time.
The best time arrived when the grape stomping session started. Apart from the two beautiful volunteers, some guests too joined their feet to experience the soggy juicy stuff wriggling and tickling  their feet.  Clicking sounds of the cameras, the merriment laugh echoing all around, brought the heaven on earth for a while. All became the angles and divined the peace of utterly pure joy. The Grape stomping session kept on continuing but we have to rush to to the food counter to taste some delicacy before we leave for home.
Grilled Pork Chops with some boiled vegetables and toast and Grilled Chicken with Russian Salad sand toast served shortly for us. I prefer Pork so chose the pork platter. It was absolutely delicious and even the chicken that I managed a bite from the man. The food was excellent and so as the whole experience. Special thanks to Peter from Four Season for his heartwarming hospitality that will embed an everlasting impression in our heart. Thanks to Four Seasons too for this wonderful invitation. 

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Hamaree Rasoi said...

Lovely event sponsored by Four Seasons. Shows all had a blast.