July 11, 2013

Structured Wine Trail Event by Four Seasons wine at The Conclave Club, Kolkata

Dionysus, the God of winemaking and wine, never ruled over my mind with its power of luring and the variant glory of its intoxicating mesmerisation until I visited this event. For me Wine was a good read in the books, good display on the bars and good watch people enjoying their glasses with romance. I had tasted wine once and then decided not to taste it again. 

Being a food blogger attending different food related events and writing reviews on it are real fun and a part of our job too. I read so many reviews on Wine trail Events by my fellow bloggers in different cities and to be honest rendered a likeness to this kind of events. A secret wish list already got created - to attend one so too though the concept in mind is generated to gain some knowledge about wine and witness how the event gets featured. And the dream did come true when we got an invitation from the Team Ginger Claps who organised an Event on Structured wine trail by Four Seasons wine at The Conclave Club, Kolkata. No need to say the excitement spread like a wild fire. But as the invitation came in  a short notice that many of our blogger friends couldn't make out as they were already geared up with some other appointments.
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Excited, enthusiastic we were, Five Kolkata Food Bloggers, along with my husband as a guest representative, reached the venue on  6th July'13 in time though the event started after 1.30hrs as many other expected Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers were not able to reach at the scheduled time. The session began with a brief introduction by exchanging our blog names then Mr. PPK Mitter alias Peter Mitter, a senior Manager with Four Seasons Wines, UB Group took the charge and presented the whole wine 
PPK Mitter
trail event through some audio-video and power point presentation in such a way, we just drown in to it so much that we couldn't even noticed how time flew away. It was more like an interactive session sharing information and gaining knowledge where we all participated. Starting from the very beginning of what is wine, where it get produced, the Indian Market, The Old and New worlds' wine, the verities of wines, the perfect temperature of drinking wine et al. 

A total novice like me in this wine world just got thoroughly educated and got answered of all the myths that I stored in my mind. I never knew about the legion varieties of wine. I never knew that if a fruit except grape is added to wine it should be named by the fruit…like Peach Wine, Apple wine etc. I never knew how much wine is good for health. The myth that wine is a ladies drink is totally ruled out.  And this one is the only drink that can nicely get paired with foods and only when we pair it with food we get the real taste of wine.
I was pretty scared and feeling embarrassed too thinking of when the tasting session will began how I could manage to avoid it. But I didn't have to. Like the other alcohol intake I also thought that it is like gulping, bottoms up and finish.  But Wine as sophisticated the drink is, it has its own way of imbibing too. And it is the main goal of the event that I found. It is like an eye opener to give us the knowledge about Indian wine and how to relish the drink with the right taste of joy. You have to glance at the beauty, inhale the aroma, swirl it and then taste the edification of the drink. The types and the styles of Wine were introduced with the samples. Three groups each divided it to three parts -
1. Still/ Sparkling/ Fortified
    2. White/Rosé/Red
    3. Dry/Medium/ Sweet

The tasting part is divided in to three parts - sight, smell and taste. The sight gives you to determine whether it a young or matured wine. The smell will give you get the aroma and the flavours of it. And the tasting will give you to decide whether its dry, medium or sweet and also you like it or not. We are offered to taste five best wines from the Four Seasons brand with a set of delicious appetizers though the food was served when we were tasting the last wine.
Vishal,  tKolkata Food Blogger busy in Sight testing.
First we are offered Sauvignon Blanc from the white wine family, a  Pale Yellow Coloured, Clear and young wine. It smelled very brisk  with a gooseberry zest, with the mild tinge flavours of asparagus, capsicum. Taste wise it is mild acidic and dry (with no sweet content). 
Next came Viognier another white wine. The colour of it is clear and yellowish like a straw colour. It smelled more like peach with a mild aromatic flavour of cinnamon. Taste wise it is also acidic, sour and dry.
The next one came from the Rosé Wine Family- Blush. Blush as the name denotes it has a majestic rosy blush colour. It smelled floral and tasted medium.
The came Shiraz the red wine.  The colour is dark red and smelled spicy and smoky. When it comes to red wine it is always suggested to pair with red meat.
Lastly came the Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon,another  red wine. Most of us liked the taste of this one. It is mild acidic with fruity flavoure but gives a very pleasant taste when you sip.
We were served by The Conclave Club group delicious appetizers and thanks to all the member for the wonderful service they did silently and very professionally.
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We thoroughly enjoyed the event. Mainly a wine hater like me really liked all the tastes. Good wines really play the magic.  We look forward for many more events like this, which can enrich our knowledge and open a door to a world which sometimes just kept covered behind some myths. It is also good to see that Indian market is now rolling with the flow of good qualities of White wine and Red wines in a much considerate rate too.
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 [P.S: This is not a paid event review or not a promotion or not I am recommending to alcohol intake. It is an experience what I like to share with you all.]


Chandrani Banerjee said...

Wow kamalika well describe. Good to know about wine. Love to reading your Structured Wine Trail post.

Rekha Vengalil said...

Wobderful post Kamalika :)

Amrita Vishal said...

Amazing pics. It was an afternoon we will all remember for the longest time. Very well written.

Pooja Dasgupta said...

I loved your post...was really nice meeting you. The pictures are beautiful.