June 18, 2013

Cherry Dark Chocolate Egg less Cake

Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.” 
― Dave Barry
Every day I used to stare at the fresh fruit cakes made by my fellow food bloggers, drooled over those and bookmarked the recipes. But I have never gathered that much courage to bake one in fear to discard them. Using fresh fruits in baking was a very rare entry in my kitchen and a challenging job for me too. And I was also not that much confident to make some with a scary heart if I had to trash it as none of the family members ever had shown any decent interest in it. Whenever I asked my Man or my daughter if they would like to have some delicious desserts with fresh fruits they totally hooted out. But that didn't put me down. My utmost passion to experiment the fresh fruits in cooking made me to try secretly a Mango Pie. When I served them, with raising eye brows and faces with disapproval, they tasted it. No need to say they did like the Mango Pie.  I got little bit enthusiastic to use more fresh fruits in my cooking. Then I made Mango Yoghurt/ Aam Doi and Apple Yoghurt. To my surprise this time also they devoured it without any protest. More confident I am now getting more prone towards using fresh fruits in my baking.  Please don't laugh at me, once I prepared Apple Chicken too just to feed my daughter apple who was then a rigid apple hater. 
I have a very bad addiction of getting the impulse of craving for chocolates or chocolate cakes in the wrong hours. This is the reason that whenever I am in my parents’ house, my dad buys creamy chocolate cakes and stores them in the fridge. I often get caught red handed stealing cakes and guttling it surrendering completely to the pleasure of the chocolaty world in the middle of the night sitting on the kitchen platform swinging happily my legs. This time also when my Cherry Dark Chocolate Egg Less Cake was born, I was in intense labour in craving for some chocolate cake. And I got totally relieved and satiated after smacking my creation. Cherry these time was my saviour, who paired heavenly with my creamy icing chocolate cake and gave me the divine satisfaction and the taste that was still osculating my lips, my heart. Now I am off to the recipe:
Cake pan I used: 5" round
For the Cake:
Flour: 3/4 cup
Baking Soda: less than 1/2 Tspn
Baking Powder: 1 Tspn
Cocoa Powder- 2 Tbspns heaped
Fresh Cherry- 8-10 seeded and cut in halves. (You can use less or more)
Condense Milk: 1/2 tin (room temperature)
Butter- 2 Tbspns heaped (room temperature)
Soda Water - 1/4 cup or less  (room temperature)

For the Icing-
Amul cream- 1 pack (200 gms)
Garted dark Chocolate: 1  & 1/2 cups

For the decoration:

Cherries: As much you need.
Prepare the Icing first:
  1. Warm the cream in a double boiler and melt the chocolate in it. Mix well.
  2. After it cools down refrigerate for and hour.

Prepare the cake:
  1. Shift all the dry ingredients 3-4 times (Flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder).
  2. Mix the condense milk and the butter nicely.
  3. Pre heat the oven to 200 C degree.
  4. Add the Flour , 3/4 of the 1/4 cup soda water and the cherries to the butter mixture and fold all together nicely.
  5. The mixture will be little bit flowing when you drop the mixture from the spatula or spoon. If you need to add the remaining milk then mix it.
  6. Grease a pan and dust with flour.
  7. Put the cake mixture and bake for 25-30 mnts at 170 C degree. Check pricking a tooth pick coming out clean. It needed bake for 5mnts more.
  8. Take it out of the oven and let it completely cool.
  9. Teke out the cake form the pan slowly. Now cut the cake to get three layers. Evenly spread the icing in each layer and keep on stacking.
  10. You can cover the whole cake nicely with the remaining icing and make simple designs. Or do the rosettes I have done here. Decorate with the cherries and refrigerate for an hour or so to set the cake and enjoy. 

1. To know how to make Rosettes Priya of Cook like Priya has shared us her very useful post Here  and for a youtube video visit Here.
2. The cake will stay for 3-4 days in the fridge. 
3. If you want to add eggs then you can add 2 eggs and increase the butter to 200gm.


PT said...

nice photography dear :) liked all ur clicks..

Priya Suresh said...

Very stylish and gorgeous cake, love to have a huge slice.

Priya R said...

Beautiful captures Kamalika :) wish I can grab the cake of my screen :) I love the dark brown and red colors, makes it look so pretty. Thanks a lot for the mention :) hugs

Amrita Vishal said...

What a pretty cake, I am sure now your husband and daughter will ask for some more yummy fruit bakes!!

Swathi Iyer said...

Beautiful and delicious chocolate cake Kamalika, that too with cherry I am in.

Chitz said...

It's midnight here and u have brought me the same craving that u have for chocolate... And I dont have any stored here either, which makes things very difficult !! Loved every click dear :) Awesome & heart breaking ;) I wud love to have that entire cake right away :)

Rekha Vengalil said...

Lovely space! the looks awesome :-)

Veena Theagarajan said...

so yummy and nice shots.. very tempting

Pooja said...

Hi i love this blog...i also love baking....

please visit poojainthekitchen@blogspot.com

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Brilliant stuff with amazing clicks Kamalika.

Meena Selvakumaran said...

stunning clicks,beautifully made.

malvecka nigam said...

This looks sooo good....!! The rosettes look perfect!

Shailaja Reddy said...

Beautiful and lovely cake. Nice clicks.

Angie Barrett said...

I can't get over how beautiful these photos are! Love the recipe too!

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

it luks soo heavenly, dear..esp liked the curly rossets and the cheeries !! perfect! do drop by my space too when u get the time.

Divya Pramil said...

Stnnnnnnning clicks I mus say :) Wow loved the cake too.. Wish I could grab atleast a piece of it :)

Savitha Ganesan said...

Before reading the recipe, I got hooked into your writing. Cool one to read. Loved your chocolate cake. will try my hand soon.