January 29, 2013

Channar Payes/Paneer Payesam

Ah, at last I touched the CENTURY.…...
Ah, at last I touched the CENTURY.…...
My hair has turned silvery,
My knees get locked often,
My wrinkled skin gives an ancient look
And I am judged to be the most Experienced ONE yet.
Stop dear don't go so fast. It's just my post that touched the CENTURY. I am elated enough to announce that this one is my 100th post (Wink, Wink...). Yea, at last after envying all my fellow bloggers who celebrated their 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 1000th (Priya, I think she has already celebrated her 2000th post), inhaling the utmost inspirations, I touched one Milestone. And I feel so relieved. Posting each post, every time I secretly counted the number that I was left behind to complete my 100th post. I am not a bit ashamed to declare that I am a lazy boon and that nature makes the journey too long. Any ways here I am giving you a virtual sweet party which I cooked accidentally. 

I love to surrender myself whenever there is a question of making any kind of sweet dish(read Traditional Sweet Dish). Being a true blue Bengali, unfortunately I lack the famous sweet tooth that we are proud of. So the other day to face a challenge I hit the kitchen to make Rasogolla/Rasgulla with the baking procedure right from the scratch. Everything was going very smooth. In every minute the clock’s tick tock alarming my mind that it’s quite late at night and my impulsive and impatient soul did the blunder on this weird hour. I increased the Oven power and all my Rasgullas got separated from their own soul and put me in confusion to identify what they actually are. Ah, so you could imagine, how I was suffering on those odd hours. First I thought of disposing the whole lot. But then I thought to put the whole dish on stove and then to inspissate it. My clever mind (read very clever- exaggeration needed exclusively for that odd hour) added Cardamom. Thicken the whole stuff and pour it on a serving bowl. When I tasted it, I patted myself, jumped, danced alone in the kitchen where all the family members were fast asleep and celebrating their mid-night dreams. So sometimes accidental cooking did turn in to sometime too good. I was very much proud of what I made that day. And what I agreed: Cooking is really an Art, only you should have the senses to create the art an epitome. So here is the original recipe of Channar Payes/Paneer Payesam.

To make the Channa/ Paneer:
Milk- 1 liter
*Citric Acid- 1/2 tea spoon (If required more then add little bit more)

{*Note:  One can use Lemon too.
Lemon - 1 & 1/2 (Extract the juice){Note: Usually to make the Channa/Paneer it takes less than one lemon. But I keep handy with an extra half in case if it requires more lemon juice}
But Please remember when one is using lemon, after the Channa/ Paneer curdles wash it thoroughly under fresh water till the Channa / Paneer lefts the smell of lemon.}

To make the Payesh/Payesam:
Milk- 1 litre
Condense Milk- 3/4 cup
Cardamom- 1-2
Pistachio- 2 table Spoon Grated for decoration (Optional)


1. First make the Channa/Paneer. 
   Take a Pan and boil the 1 litre milk. When the milk will start to boil with spirit, reduce the flame as low as you can and then add Citric acid or Lemon juice. Keep on stirring the milk. When the milk curdles and the whey gets separated take off from the flame and strain Channa/Paneer. (If you are using Lemon juice, don't forget to wash it under fresh water.) You can hang it in a muslin cloth to get rid of the excess water or you can put a plate on the top of the Channa/Paneer and on the plate put something heavy, like  a mortar or a pestle. When the water is totally drain ed out then press the Channa/Paneer with your palm till it gets smooth. Then Reserve.

2. Take a Heavy bottom pan (when I make Payesh/Payasam I always prefer a Korahi, because it gets done very soon) pour the other 1 litre Milk and keep on boiling till it reduces and thickens. Add the Channa/Paneer and the Cardamom. Then keep on stirring. (Remember milk is very much prone towards catching the bottom and burn. So continuous stirring is only way to avoid it).

3. When the Milk gets quite thicken add the Condense Milk. And then stir nicely. You can check the sweetness. If you feel do add more sweetness to it by adding sugar.

4. Now, how much thick consistency you want its up to you. But do remember, when the payes/payesam will cool down it tends to get more condensed. 

5. Serve it in a serving bowl, Cool it and top it with grated pistachio and enjoy.

Note: If you want to use store bought Paneer instead of Channa then the measurement will be 200gm. And all the other procedure will remain the same.


Nabanita Das said...

Daroon hoyeche dekhte... Kheteo asadharon bojhai jachhe... Nice pics.

Swathi Iyer said...

Congrats on your century post, wishing many more to come. Slow and steady will win the race.

Paneer payasam looks yumm.

divya said...

Looks delicious n awesome. Lovely clicks.

nilanjana majumdar said...

Congratulations on your 100th. I have yet to reach that milestone. Beautiful Paayesh to celebrate.

Priya said...

Beautifully done, who can resist to this wonderful and delicious payesam.Congrats on ur 100th post.