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Hi Friends I am Kamalika C residing in Kolkata since 2012 and like to introduce myself a bit. I am blogging since a long time and the thought of briefing about me is the most daunted task so far. But now a time has come where a bit introduction is much demanded to the professional world I share right now. I am always too fond of my "Me time" and "Me touch" from my childhood. Being an ex-student of Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, creativity is my soul enhancer that I never let it go till date. Whether it comes to my culinary skills or to my crafts, I am head over heel in love to experiment everything in my own way with a bit of twist and turn. And that twist I call my “Me touch" what I enjoy in my "Me time". When one becomes a MOM, she has to sacrifice a lot of thing. Here I sacrificed my carrier but that never let me down. I engulfed myself in creating my own designer online Boutique and slowly added more segments day by day. Now I am proud to start my own home based bakery and confectionery business. At the same time I am working as a Freelance writer too. I am also the Moderator and Founder member of Kolkata Food Bloggers Group. I truly believe that Homemakers Rock and can gain their own identity sitting at home too. That is my goal to motivate the homemakers to establish themselves by earning of their own by starting their own business or something

About my Blog:
After stepping to USA I found life too boring. Far away from my near dear ones, the things I used do were cooking, reading and surfing internet. One day one of my very good friends suggested me to start a blog. And I happily grabbed this opportunity and gave birth to my blog. After a tough search and debating all alone I titled my blog "Silence Sings with Kamalika C". For me every day I wake up with the music of silence. She sings aloud to reach her voice to each and every corner of the world. But nobody listens to the music of the silence. Then I thought to bring out the music to share with the world. A music, sometimes will be found very tuning and sometimes totally tuneless. But that is the bitter truth when silence sings she sings tunelessly tunefully. I started blogging by posting my thoughts, my write ups etc. Then I never thought that I would be the part of the food blogging world and acknowledge myself as a food blogger.
From my childhood I loved to cook and grew up with a keen interest in the world of different cuisine. My Dad and Mom are the great cooks who have inspired me till date. Apart from them I used to read cook books and never try to miss any cookery shows. After marriage I tried my experimental culinary skill in full swing. I would like to thank my husband who many a time get tortured by my terrible experimental cooked dishes but never discouraged me. Every time I used to surprise him with some new dishes and clicking the picture of it. One day I posted one of my recipes on my blog. And then the journey just got started. Slowly I grow up a passion towards food photography too. I love contributing in my blog which is mainly based on food but it actually reflects my mind, my thoughts and how I see the world. I prefer to share the recipes which are very healthy and take very less time to cook. The dishes come direct from my kitchen and all are shared after tried and tasted.

My attachment with the professional world:
Apart from owning my own designer and bakery business I also work as a freelance writer. I write book reviews, Food Product reviews, Restaurant Reviews, Photo Essays and work as a translator (Bengali to English, English to Bengali) too. Recently I am concentrating more on to Food Photography and Food Styling.  I am also the Moderator and Founder member of Kolkata Food Bloggers Group.If I get a good opportunity I would like to work as a recipe Developer too. My true dream is to establish a Kolkata Food Bloggers society and also to help the Homemakers to become financially independent.

Copyright Proclamation:
All the recipes, write ups and photographs are mine unless or otherwise mentioned. If you want to use any of my recipes, write ups or photographs then please take my permission. If used otherwise then it will come under the Copyright act. Thanks for your understanding.

Contact me:

If you want to contact me then pls mail me at 


Somtapa Brahmachari said...

Wow! You have such a lovely blog. Thanks to TCC for giving the opportunity to get to know such lovely bloggers. Be in touch.

Rutvika said...

What amazing pictures Kamalika! I am in love with them. Drooling all the way.

Shibi said...

Amazing love ur blog... Registered & Protected