April 6, 2016

#ProductReview - Chef's Basket instant Creamy Tomato Pasta

"We believe in the art of cooking. And we believe that with a little help anybody can cook. We put our all to create the freshest and the most authentic recipes from around the world so that trying new cuisines need not remain a restaurant affair. Our food is natural with no artificial preservatives or added colour and is prepared under the intricate eye of our chefs. The products we bring to you have come a long way. They have undergone rigorous research, repeated testing and continual improvement. They still do." - Chef's Basket
You might often get confused to choose the right band for instant meals. Personally, I don't encourage having instant foods. But our lifestyle is rapidly changing and driving us to spend less time in the kitchen. Even our taste buds often need a change that is the reason that almost every household kitchen pantries own a few collection of ready to eat meals to survive on at a desperate need. Though not as a daily practice, we all love to indulge in this guilt quite a few time. Now the question rises to choose the right brand that should qualify the taste, usage of less preservative and reaches a parameter to call it near to healthy. Recently I received to review the Creamy Tomato Pasta product from Chef's Basket.
Chef's Baskets started their new venture on providing instant meals which right now have two sections - Italian and Oriental. The oriental section comprises of Four types of ready to eat noodle boxes.The Italian experience is called as "Italian luxury with the finest herbs and Durum pasta" where they offer three types of Pasta flavours - Creamy Tomato, Cheesy Alfredo Pasta and Chunky Arrabiata Pasta. I received the Creamy Tomato flavour to taste and share my experience with it.
To be honest I am a bit choosy when it comes to ready to eat meal boxes. I have very few on my list to recommend to try out. Mainly because every instant food has a typical flavour that will not give you the feel of a comfort food or a homemade food. Ah, maybe I expect too much. But honestly, when I tasted this one, I didn't feel that I was trying an instant food. The first bite gave a feel of a homemade food. The taste, the spices, the seasoning all were balanced that enhanced the pungency of a comfort food. The portion was pretty good where one adult and a kid could easily adjust (mainly, a mommy and her kid - For the daddy one pack is more than enough.:) ).
The box comes with 5 items - Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Italian herbs, Chilli Flakes and Sea Salt. You have to add the Sea Salt along with the pasta to boil. In a separate pan add some oil/butter saute some vegetables and then add the pasta sauce. Simmer for some time and then add the boiled Pasta. Cook for a minute and your pasta is ready. It is simple to make. Adding vegetables can be skipped. It only helps to make the taste better, a feeling of home-cooked food that's all. I love garlic so I added some garlic and sprinkled some Parmesan on the top of it. I should mainly mention the sauce which is very different from the store bought sauce but very similar to what we make at home.
If you ask about the price it is 99/- (INR). It might sound a bit pricey in regard to the other ready to eat meals. But Chef's Basket gives you the assurance of 100% natural, no preservative and no artificial colour. But the ingredients contain gluten. Therefore, when you are getting good food the money doesn't matter. I even tried out their Cheesy Alfredo Pasta and I will again stick to my opinion. It is easily available in the markets like Spencers, In & Out in Kolkata. So first try out and then let me know your feedback too whether you liked it or not.

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