March 26, 2014

Restaurant Review- Smoke House Deli

Fine dining is not a new concept in Kolkata but what is new - is the establishment of the new branded food chains which have already crowned the fame in the gastronomic world. Thankfully the trend of Shopping Malls has not only opened the options of shopping after your heart under one roof with your desired brands but also to regain your lost energy with the quality food. Under one roof you can opt for a quality dining or just cheer around on a casual one. At the same time it is always good to see Kolkata embracing the different types of world cuisines which are already popular in abroad and also in the other metropolitan cities of India. Smoke House Deli is one which is famous for serving European cuisines recently opened in the 5th Floor of Quest Mall in Kolkata. 
Our Kolkata Food Bloggers' March Table meet has been decided at Smoke House Deli. Four Food Bloggers from the group landed up almost in time and reserve their sits in a comfortable place. A prior reservation is a must that was told to us mainly in the weekends. Therefore one from our group has been taken this charge to reserve table for us. The ambiance is pretty serene with the entire black and white Victorian style wall decor with a pristine sophistication. I always felt that whenever you visit to dine in a place the ambiance books a big part of your likeness/ unlikeness.  A mind-blowing decor of a restaurant may give you the feel instantly of a quality dining. No matter if the food is not up to the mark or how the the entire whole place promises to offer. But the overall satisfaction scores. Here the food and the ambiance both got the scores.
Promptly we were served water and the complementary bread basket with two dips which can be refilled at free of cost. We loved the way they were serving the water with a Jug filled with big sliced lemon and mint leaves. Having making ourselves pretty busy with the fresh breads we engaged our selves to flip through the Menu. Here are the following dishes that we have ordered for the afternoon and enjoyed thoroughly. 
Lemon Mint Ice Tea: Our fellow blogger ordered for it and she loves her tea with less sugar. So the tea was served with the separate sugar syrup in a small glass. Very impressive indeed. 
Baby fennel+Smoked chicken+Thyme soup (Rs 220/-):  I was really feeling for some warm soup. So we all decided to order for one and share the portion. The soup is thick and a bit bland in taste. But I loved the smoky flavour of the chicken pieces and the crunchy baby fennels. 
Peri Peri rubbed grilled chicken+Citrus Pimento (Rs 430/-) was served with potatoes and a side salad. The gravy on the top is quite salty and spicy. But I loved my bite with a piece of grilled chicken, a piece of potato and salad. The whole bite gave a balance in the taste and make it quite impressive.
Chilli crusted Bekti+Lemon+Thyme (Rs 590/-) was served with a bed of creamy rice and steamed vegetables. This dish was the house special one and the taste really won my heart.The crusty Betki was perfectly cooked and goes well along with the vegetables. The creamy rice was also very balanced in taste. The tinge on lemon flavour made it more dishy. 
House special Tenderloin steak (Rs 520/-) was served with mashed potato, vegetables and a brown gravy. I hardly tasted the dish. But found it very salty and not that impressive too. Though the mashed potato with the sour cream enriched the taste bud.
Spinach+Ricotta Ravioli (Rs 430/-) was the take of day and loved by all. The Raviolis were served in a delectable tomato based gravy which had perfect seasoning topped with an olive Tapenade. The Ravioli just melted in mouth leaving a flavourful taste of the spinach blended with the ricotta cheese. Next time I am surely going to try this again.
Bitter Chocolate+Orange Ganache Torte with ice cream (Rs 190/-) was the most disappointed part of the meal. It didn't reach our expectation at all. The dessert was presented well. But when we tasted we found it very sweet and the over loaded syrup had made it soggy and crumbly.
My over all experience is very nice. I would love to got back again with my family and friends. But I have three suggestions:
1. The Dishes on the menu should be explained a bit. i.e the Chili Crusted Betki was served on a bed of rice and steamed veggies. But it is not written on the menu along with the dish. A very small brief on the menu about the dishes gives the customers to understand better what they would like to order as there will be many who will try this kind of cuisine for the first time. 
2. Though I have tasted only one dessert, so didn't want to be more critical with my one experience. But it is a suggestion to take more care on the dessert part.
3. Many would not know that the bread basket can be refilled again. So the servers should keep an attention to the customers by asking if they any more or not.

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Quest Mall, 33, Syed Ali Amir Avenue, Beckbagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata
Pocket Pinch for two: 1500/--2000/- (INR)

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nandoos Kitchen said...

wow! nice review.

flysongbird said...

we found our food very bland..the drinks were not bad..and we didn't go for desserts. the thing is for students who can spend that much only once in a few months they would feel cheated of their money. nevertheless we have decided to give it one more shot.