February 24, 2014

Restaurant Review: The Corner Courtyard, Kolkata

Boutique Hotel and Restaurant it is, that built a new illustration in the history of décor with its minute detailing and keen collective observation to exhibit a work of art in true sense. The Corner Courtyard is the dream and brain child of Megha Agarwal who one day took a stunt and made possible the impossible thing by remodeling a 108 years old building with the beauty touch ups that limns the European architecture, at the same time the vintage grandeur too. Megha, Born and brought up in Kolkata, but not a Bengali, an ex PWC consultant, has dreamt from her childhood to do something of her own, something that might  delineate the richness and the heritage of Kolkata. Pristine white building standing high just by the main road of Sarat Bose road, beside the Moon Light Petrol Pump never displays the fact, that upon stepping  the door you are actually entering in a world of class which will for a while give a mesmerizing tour of an utmost contentment.
Amrita and I represented Kolkata Food Bloggers when the team of  The Corner Courtyartd warmly invited us to sample and review the special Spring Summer Menu which has been specially designed for the ongoing fund raising program for the SOS Children Village Kolkata in collaboration with Actor Kunal Kapoor's online fund raising portal 'Ketto'. The Spring Summer special Menu will be on till 26th Feb'14. 
On entering there we were cordially greeted by the PR team Riddhi and Namrata and shortly joined by the owner Megha too. They shared their experiences and the stories how The Corner Courtyard materialized. We get to know all the unique knick Knacks, the huge collection of brass door knobs and latches, were a lifelong collection of Megha herself. The whole interior exhibits an outcome of a passionate team work who not only fastidiously collected the possessions but gave them the proper home to get observed by toning the classic sense of beauty at a home of vintage décor. 
Each and everything has been exemplified the richness and the essence of a world class décor. Say it about the crockery or the cutleries, the lamps or the Chandelier, the knick-knacks or the books all are unique and aptly presented to enrich the beauteousness of the place.
A fresh orange juice served promptly. When it comes to food we were introduced with Head Chef Rohan and Chef Chanchal. They briefed us about the cuisines they serve there and about the Spring Summer Menu. The corner Courtyard mainly serve the Global cuisines with some fusions by the Chefs. Very courteous F&B Manager Rozario took all the charges to decide our menu as we made our thumbs up that we were ok with everything. The dishes one by one kept on adorning the table and Rozario kept on giving all the instructions how to eat a dish and the detail of the particular dish. We were served three starters: two dishes from the Regular course Menu and one form the Spring Summer Menu. 
First we were served Oven Roasted Beets, crumbled feta, almond & wine poached pear wedges tossed with lemon dressings. A perfect blend of all the dressings incorporated with the juicy and soft roasted beets and the crunchy wine poached pear wedges. At each bite it gave a perfect and balanced flavour that can be easily devoured without any sides.
Another starter followed next from the regular course menu was the Grilled Italian Chicken Patties with salad caprese and parsley garlic aioli. Its was a winner for me. Thanks to Rozario who insisted to have a piece of chicken patty, a slice of tomato and buffalo mozzarella cheese dipped in the  parsley garlic aioli and have the bite altogether. And yes we tasted the heaven soon after the bite. The dish picked up from the Italian cuisine and the true nature to have the dish is just the way we were directed. Otherwise someone would come up with a feedback that the patty is too salty if eaten separately. The taste of the dish will be perfectly balanced only if one would have it in this way. It was really the stunner. The parsley garlic aioli itself was very balanced in taste too.
Grilled Chicken Satay with kafir lime infused Apple Red cabbage chutney & Sweet chilly Balsamic Dressing was served next from the Spring Summer Menu. It didn't reach the expectation. Though the dish was presented in a very innovative way with the Apple Red cabbage chutney, the Satay itself lost its original taste where I found a layer of thick spices on the Satay overpowering it.

Next we were served the Main course. The two dishes came directly from the  Spring Summer Menu. Both were quite proportionate and each dish was enough for two adults. 
Grilled Italian Lamb meat balls with spaghetti Americano and crumbled Feta and Peruvian Styled grilled fish topped with cajun spiced crab meat with tomato, tobasco butter with lemon smashed potatoes & sautéed garden vegetables. Both were very tasty very much balanced in taste. I liked most the Peruvian Styled grilled fish topped with Cajun spiced crab meat with tomato, tobasco butter with lemon smashed potatoes & sautéed garden vegetables. This was for the first time I had a chunky size of Bhetki fillet which was perfectly cooked and the special fishy smell of the Bhetki itself had totally got lost when I had a bite along with all the other condiments and with the mashed potatoes. Though it was quite heavy but I really enjoyed the taste.
Last but not the least we were served two desserts next. Chocolate Eclair and Chocolate mousse in dark Chocolate Cup shell. The dessert section for the time being is taken care by The Rouge, one of the famous bakery houses of Kolkata. The Corner Courtyard is right now have a space problem therefore the in-house dessert portion has to be outsourced. But we surely look forward to taste the own in-house product as till date the food and the service they have provided is excellent. 
What I liked and felt most was the freshness that each and every ingredient had offered. The true essence of a recipe makes a dish perfect when you have the balance of all spices and the fresh ingredients which not only enrich the taste but satisfies your taste bud too.
We had a long chat with Chef Chanchal over our meal and then he gave us a short tour of the hotel rooms. Each room has been conceptualized with the theme of Colour and each colour represents the heritage and cultural aspects of Kolkata. The interior of the rooms and the furniture all are the perfect blend of the European and vitange Kolkata.

It was a great experience at The Conner Courtyard. A must visit place in Kolkata which will take you to a different world for a while away from the humdrum of the city life.

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[Disclaimer: This is an Invited Review and solely based on the author's honest experience . No monetary benefit is included]

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