December 1, 2013

Product Review: Just Eat - Order Online

‘One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to EATING.’
Why I agreed to review this site - The question may arise mainly when I will share that this service is not provided in Kolkata. Then Why? Ok.. May be this will not help my friends/ readers who reside in Kolkata but to all my friends/ readers who are residing all over India. I only convinced my mind to do this review after getting the positive feedback about this site from my friends and family who live in Mumbai and Pune. They are too satisfied with the services provided by Just Eat.  A hope also clanged in my mind that very soon may Kolkata also will be blessed with this India's largest online food ordering portal and table reservation website.

The punch line of Just Eat may give one the idea how it exactly works - "One Click and You Can JUST EAT" .. A few years back also it was beyond our imagination that while sitting at home with one click we can have a full fat meal at our dinner table without wasting much energy or time. Yes now we are living to that era where the advanced technology has made our lifestyle so easy that time management sounds like a boon when we have such kind of online service providers. 

How it will work:
Here’s what all you can be assured of if you decide to order from JustEat:

·  Choice, choice and more choice: 
  Yes, it can be Mughlai today, Chinese tomorrow and Mexican the next day, with a few pastries thrown in for your dessert. Such is the choice available in India’s largest online food ordering portal. For instance, if you’re looking to OrderFood Online in Delhi, you’ll have close to a thousand restaurants to choose from!

·   Order today, for next weekend’s dinner: 
   Have a circle of close friends coming over to dinner next weekend and every person has a different choice of cuisine? No issues, and neither is there a need to plan elaborately in advance. Just log on and place an advance order with JustEat, specifying the date and time you want the delivery boy to come knocking at your door. It’ll take hardly two minutes for the entire process (provided you don’t lose your way in the maze of over 3 lakh dishes to choose from…!)

·   Attractive discounts on online payments: 
   More often than not, there is some or the other big discount going on with the online payment restaurants listed with A whopping 30% off on your favourite Chicken Manchurian sure enhances the taste of the dish, doesn't it?!
   Constant updates once you sign up: 
   You’ll sure get to know what is the hottest deal available once you sign up with these guys, they’ll keep you posted so that you don’t miss out on anything.

As if this was not enough, there are also online food ordering apps to choose from, which work as smoothly as the website itself. 

Let’s look at it this way: you live in Mumbai and want to get Home Delivery in Mumbai, while driving back home from office. You decide not to cook for the day and wish to just throw off your shoes once you reach home, and relax. It’s here that the apps will be super-convenient for you and you’ll get your favourite food right on time.

Just Eat being India's largest online food ordering portal and table reservation website, has headquartered in Bangalore and with branches in Delhi, Mumbai, plus a host of smaller cities and expanding rapidly. Thier reliable one-click ordering system has greatly simplified the entire process of ordering food online. With over 2500 restaurants, 52 cuisines and 3 lakh dishes to choose from,that have made their mark as the most preferred way to beat hunger, with over 3.5 lakh registered users spanning all across India. Plus, they have recently launched their new online food ordering apps on Android, iPhone and Windows 8 platforms, complete with the option of online payment for food orders placed online through the app ( Their parent company is headquartered in the UK, with a presence in 12 other countries apart from India. 
True, that. And especially when you don’t have to cook, it’s like the icing on the cake. Otherwise what happens is you generally tend to spend a majority of the time between meals preparing for the next meal itself – half the time cooking, and the other half trying to make up your mind on what to cook! As I mentioned in my last post itself, my target always is to spend the least time possible in the kitchen.
Imagine you had all this time to yourself, to do what you like, but still got to eat your favourite fare. Finding it hard to believe? Just go visit JUST EAT and then let me know if it’s possible or not to order your food online in a jiffy.
Order food ‘online’ – therein lies the key. Be it the latest designer apparel, your favourite chick-lit novel or even that wall clock you've put up in your living room – everything is available online today. And now of course, food as well.

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