September 13, 2013

Restaurant Review- Tangerine, Kolkata with Four Seasons

Picture Courtesy: Archita Chanda Ray
Location:  2/1, Outram Street, Theatre Road Area, Kolkata 
Contact : 033 22815450, 033 22815460
Gourmate Indulgence Package: 1099/- plus Tax
Cuisine: Multi- Cuisine
Hours: 12.00 noon - 3.00pm and 7.00pm to Midnight
Rating: 4/5

An invitation from the Team GingerClaps led us this time to Tangerine, a multi-cuisine restaurant (that serves a wide range of food varieties covering the world cuisine) in one of the narrow streets of Kolkata just behind the St.Xaviers College back gate. We, Kolkata Food Bloggers are offered three restaurants in Kolkata to review and to visit each outlet with another Food Blogger only. So my fellow blogger Archita (blogs at My Food My Life) and I chose Tangerine  (and 4 Kolkata Food Bloggers the other two) and reached there around 2.30pm for Lunch. Tangerine, located on Outram Street, just beside the Outram Club, looks like an old fashioned Building. To reach to the main lobby of the restaurant one has to climb up the rustic wooden stairs to the first floor and then to enter in the romantic and low light set up. At the entrance upon our introduction we were greeted very warmly by their manager Kuntal Dey. We made ourselves comfortable at a corner table just by the wide window panel which was the most attracted sitting area of the Restaurant. We were invited to review the Four Seasons Gourmet Indulgence Food Package which comprises of a 4 Course meal paired with the Four Seasons Wine served shortly after we settled down. The main concept behind the package is to aware people more of the food pairing concept with wine and the meal package menu not only saves ones money but also offers a very satisfactory wholesome sumptuous meal spread.
The first course a glass of Shiraz was served to each one of us and we concentrated on the menu.  Shiraz hails from the red wine family and a bit dry in taste. As my personal taste is concerned I am not so much fond of the taste of Shiraz. We decided to go for one Veg and one Non-Veg dish. The very courteous manager helped us to choose the the right dishes that we could really enjoy. For the Starter we chose Cheese Barrel from the Vegetarian section and Chicken Ceaser Salad from the Non-Veg.
Though it is written Cheese Barrel, the Tangerine family calls it Cream Cheese Barrel. The concept of the dish has been adapted from the Italian Cuisine. The Chef informed that they always love to give some innovative names to their dishes. Crispy and Crunchy, coated with seasoned bread crumbs, at the first bite it will melt in your mouth along with creamy soft cheese with a tinge of mild spicy flavour. The taste was just perfect with the balanced commixture of all ingredients.  6 pieces of Cheese Barrel were served with Nachos dressed in Salad dressing. The dish is totally a comfort dish that will really satisfy ones taste bud.
Next was served the starter Chicken Ceaser Salad from the Non-veg section.  Grilled Chicken tossed in salad dressing along with the lettuce, croutons and cherry tomatoes honed our satisfaction too. Though we were so busy in discussing about the just finished Cheese Barrel, the salad got finished in no time and we saw our vegetarian entrée dish was ready to serve for us.
Torhino (they pronounce it as TOR-TINO, a name of an Italian dish), we were told that recipe was adapted from Mexican cuisine and the name was given by the Chef team.  It is basically a pie crust very similar to tart shell stuffed with juicy vegetable with rich tomato flavour and creamy cheese served with boiled veggies and some cheese sauce. We got a combination taste of Quiche and Quesadilla. The savoury is class apart with the balanced spice incorporation. We enjoyed the taste of this one too. It was very satisfactory and whole some too.
 Poulet Apulia (pornounced as pu-le a-pu-li-a) came next from the Non-veg Entrée section. Tender Chicken breast stuffed with mushroom served with mashed potato and boiled vegetable topped with brown gravy was a sumptuous preparation.  The chicken was so well cooked and juicy that at each bite we whole heartedly appreciated the dish. While talking with the chef he informed that this dish mainly was adapted from the French Cuisine. Poulet in French means Chicken and Apulia is a name of a place in Italy. So they have given a combination name to highlight the European style culinary adventure. It is the chef team who decides the menu and then they give the name of it.  So mostly all the names they have hired from their experimental journey. We were informed that the secret behind this soft well cooked tender chicken was the three stage processes that they highly concentrated on. Marinade, shallow fry and then oven baked. The taste of the dish really touches our heart.
The dessert came next. Apple Aspen Tart, as they call it is the Chef’s special dish and the signature dish too, again satisfied our taste bud. Two sweet flat tart shells sandwiched thinly sliced apple and then baked. Served with a dollop of scooped ice cream, Caramel and chocolate sauce. The taste was just heavenly and each bit gave an immense pleasure to bask in the contemplated dessert experience.
Lastly we were served our last dish from the dessert section. Noughat(as it is written in the menu card, not Nougat) Chocolate Mousse, topped with fresh fruits, Chocolate Wafer sticks and crunchy nuts in it, was good too. But what we felt it exactly didn't give us the taste of the mousse which melted in mouth because of the soft and creamy texture. This dish was a little thick though taste wise very nice, more tasted like a cake frosting than a mousse. But as I told you the taste was very nice.

After having all these scrumptious delectable dishes along with the smoky red wine, the best experience we cherished the conversation with the chief Chef Subhash Basu and the team Manager Mr. Goutam Kapoor.  We discussed about their food journey, the food culture of Kolkata People and the enhancement more on the package meals that people should know more about it and trust on the food. Our overall experience was wonderful. The food quality was excellent and the atmosphere was very cordial and the team Tangerine very courteous. I will love to visit Tangerine again with my family and friends.
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