September 27, 2013

Fusion Chicken With Antara Ray

This week the Star of the event "Know your Kolkata Blogger Friend" is  Antaray Ray who blogs from Antypasti. A busy working lady who works in a multinational Company, a passionate foodie that led her to administrate the famous foodie  group Chef at Large and we are lucky to have her as a part of our Kolkata Food Bloggers' group, She is our sweet, energetic friend Antara. I can still remember the day when Antara was frist introduced to me by many food  pictures of her wedding with her name tagged in. I was then newly joined the Chef at Large group. I never knew then this girl would be such a good friend of mine, ours. Our Kolkata Food Bloggers group was then just taken birth and I was in search of more food bloggers from Kolkata. Lucky me suddenly got introduced with Antara by a common friend and the first interaction I had with her recollecting the lines: " You are the one who newly got wed right? The food pictures of whose posted in the CAL group." And yes she was the one.  She is the one who introduced us with the CaL Bloggers table and helped to form one in Kolkata. Fair, Balanced headed, always there to help, passionate foodie, loved to stand for the truth, at any approach she is always ready to help with the cutest smile. I never thought in such a short span of time she would become such a good friend of mine.
Antara's Blog Antypasty is a collection of easy and very short time taking recipes. One will get some quick restaurant reviews too which will give a fair idea of the Restaurants.  I love the crisp and precise manner she writes and  delivers  in her each post. LazyTart is the one of the recipes which I loved most but that dish Archita has already recreated. So today I have picked up her Korean Chicken Curry recipe. This dish actually calls for the Miso paste and the Korean Red chilly Paste. But none of these are available here. So I have given it a Thai twist by adding the Tom Yum Soup paste and made few variations to it. So here is my dish:
Chicken: 600- 700gms (with bone)
Onion: 2 medium (diced)
Tomato: 1 large (cubed)
Garlic Cloves: Hadnful
Wine Vinegar: 2 tbspns
Tom Yum Soup Paste: 2 tbsps (Heaped)
Red Chilly Powder: 1 tspn (More or less, depending on the hot ingestion)
Salt : As per taste
Sigar: 1 tspn + as per taste
White Oil: 4 tbsp

  1. Marinade the chicken with wine vinegar, Tom Yam Soup Paste, Red Chilly Powder and Salt for 15mnst.
  2. Add oil in a Kadai/Deep dense pan. Heat the oil. Add  1tspn sugar. Let it get caramelized. Add the garlic cloves let it turn brown. Then add the diced onion.
  3. Fry the onion till they become semi soft add the cubed Tomato. Sauté for couple of minutes. Then add the chicken and fold nicely with the onion and tomato. Cover it with a lid. And cook in a low flame till the chicken is well cooked.
  4. Then take off the lid. Increase the flame and cook the chicken in high heat till it gets a dry texture.
  5. Serve with hot Rrice, Roti , Paratha or Noodles.

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