September 30, 2013

Restaurant Review: Fire and Ice, Kolkata

“Pizza makes the world go round” 
Location:  41, Jawaharlal Nehru Road,Kanak Building,Ground Floor, Near Russel Street, Kolkata
Contact :033 66064206
Cuisine: Italian
Hours: 12.00 noon -12 Midnight
Rating: 2.5/5
This time we, a group of food bloggers as a part of Kolkata Food Bloggers and CaL Bloggers Table, ventured out to  explore out some flavours from  Italy in our own City of Joy - Kolkata. Destination targeted to Fire and Ice, one of the popular Italian Pizzerias of Kolkata established on July 2005, located just opposite to Jeevandeep building on Middleton Street. The ambiance was a perfect blend of the casual, vintage at same time trendy decor. Old pictures from the 60s or 70s hanging around the wall...Some Madhubani scrolls laminated on the wall with a modern touch, at the first look gives a very pleasing satisfaction in your mind. We, all the happy souls made ourselves comfortably settled with a stirred up excitement and waited for the right moment to dig down our fingers in the Italian delicacies. 
"Fire and Ice Restaurant-Pizzerias, founded by an Italian chef from Naples has been dedicated for years to providing our patrons with many of the best Italian regional dishes. We use the finest authentic imported ingredients available on the local market, others we prepare ourselves, like for example, the mozzarella cheese. Our expert Chefs stir up the fantastic flavors which will let your taste buds take a trip to Italy with one mouthful."( Source: )
We started our order with Drinks. A good lot of tantalizing drinks are offered on their list. And we didn't waste any single moment to make a quick choice of drinks to order and then fixed our eyes on the 'Antipasti' offerings.
Farcita (Price: not sure but somebody told its 400/-) came first which was recommended by one of our members. We were told it was only served to the regular customers and therefore it is not in the menu. Italian round bread stuffed with Mozzarella cheese and fresh raw tomatoes didn't make happy my taste bud. I found the bread a bit hard and the cheese too chewy and over all  too pale in taste. Next came Speidini Alla Griglia (Price: 495), grilled  boneless chicken pieces along with coloured bell peppers, smoked garlic and pearl onions in skewers  served with herbed melted cheese. I liked the taste. The taste incorporated very well all together with the pungent of the herbed melted cheese. Then came Rondelle Di Patate Fritte (295/-). It is nothing but the sliced potato fries served with tangy tomato sauce and Pesto dip. I loved the crunchy and crispy taste which was very much similar in taste with the banana chips famous in India.
For our main course first came Bolognese (Price: 435/-), choice of pasta with traditional meat sauce. We chose to have penne pasta. But to our disappointed we missed the tomatoes in the meat sauce. The Pasta was not seasoned well. Overall the dish didn't make me a bit happy after I tasted it. Next came the house special Fire and Ice and Pepperoni Pizza (We preferred to go for half and half. Price: Fire and Ice Pizza: 400/- & Pepperoni Pizza: 525/-). I loved the taste of both. The pepperoni tasted the typical pepperoni pizza with smoky flavour of the pepperoni. But the star of the dish was the Fire and Ice Pizza. I never had pizza with fried potatoes on top along with the Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce seasoned with Oregano and Rosemary. We all enjoyed each bite whole heartedly. When we were in the world of Italian cuisine if we didn't order Lasagna then the meal would not get completed. So Lasagna Tradizionale (495/-) came next. The very first look of the dish foiled our mind. Layered Pasta with the meat sauce and Parmesan cheese again left us with full of disappointment. The meat sauce tasted similar to the Bolognese. Though the Lasagna melted in the mouth but I expected more savoured in taste with some more addition of tomato sauce and the pasta's cooked a bit less.
Last but not the least came the turn to indulge ourselves with the mouthwatering dessert. It became a hard choice to go for which one. At last we came to a joint decision to go for Apple pie topped with Ice Cream and Chocolate Mousse.  I found the apple pie was a bit overpowered with cinnamon and the pie crust was not that flaky as expected. The Mousse was very nice and chocolaty in taste but a bit dense.
Our overall experience was nice but the quality of taste of the dishes did need to enhance more. The ambiance was really nice. But the service was little poor which also had to be taken care of. 
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