April 22, 2012

The Vague Woman's Handbook by Devapriya Roy (Book Review)

Title:The Vague Woman's Handbook
Author: Devapriya Roy
ISBN: 978-93-5029-032-3
Price: 199/-
Published recently The vague woman's handbook by Devapriya Roy, didn't take much time to take a place in the favourite place of my bookshelf. Story of two women, intertwined by the bonding of friendship and sisterhood, portrayed in simple terms the daily flares of live and the struggles of living.  The debut novel of Devapriya just won the heart and kept a mesmerizing trance as you start the book and couldn't leave  till it gets end. The language subtly woven in the beautiful imageries. The novel surely proved to be ranked with highest points.
The novel carries no extraordinary or very interesting story but the two simple outlines of how two love birds married in the mid of their academic session , seeking solace to live life with comfort and the bonding between two women who find a breathing space in the form of sisterhood  who come together in their professional world.
As the title suggests the novel reflects the two vague women Sharmila Chatterjee aka mil, ages 22 and Indrani sen in her fifties. The book portraits  a perfect companionship where the two complements each other. The age of Indrani sometimes nod down its head in front of the confidence and boldness of mil where as the mother like indrani never forgot to support mil in her low time and to console her with experienced guidance. Apart  from these two women characters, one character that is worth to mention is  Abhimanyu, mil's husband. The balanced, idealistic, caring  romantic guy is  the gem of the novel, whose character portrayal will definitely win the heart of the readers.

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Deepanjana said...

Hi, Devapriya Roy is a very close friend of mine, she will greatly appreciate your Review. Btw, it's been a long time, looks like you have been very busy.

Silence Sings said...

@Dipanjana, glad to hear from u.....yes I was pretty busy in the last few months.....but now hopefully will catch the gear on again...
I am thrilled to hear that Devapriya is your friend....Pls tell her about the review....want to know her feed back too....

Deepanjana said...

Kamalika, I have posted your review on her facebook page without delay. She is on a "Heat & Dust project" with her husband. You will find it on Facebook if you're a member, join the group.