December 17, 2010

Colour Pencil Holder

I announced for a break of week or so. But when I saw the date of my last post I was alarmed and ashamed. As almost two months were over. Time runs so fast every time. And our busy life travels in the time machine where in a wink distance we travel a long span. Last two months passed quiet in a busy schedule. Even now in future I am going to face much more busy days as now the time has come to pack our bag and baggage again and leave our this bohemian nest and to shift to another new country. The feeling is mixed- I am happy to see my mom, dad and sister after a long time, but I am sad too to leave this beautiful peaceful place forever. But the memories, for sure, will work as the nectar to sooth in my low days. Though I am back, can't promise to be regular. The load of packing is slowing making me crazy. And I am sorry that I am missing all of your wonderfull posts. Anyways, let me share something with you, with the hope you will like it.
Here is a small creation I made for my daughter few months back. The main intention of making this Colour Pencil Holder, is to make my daughter more colour conscious each time she is going to use her colour pencils. Every time she will use the pencils , will keep it in the proper place and come to know about the colour coordination and on the other hand it will slowly teach her matching the same things. Teaching colors to the kid is quite easy if you follow the simple prescript. Take one colour a day, talk about the colour and give the colour to your kid's hand and tell him/her to match the colour with the things around him/her. This way they learn very fast to identify the colours. Here is the small creation of mine which is  also one of the best examples of Best out of waste.

Things you need-
1. Coloured papers
2. A hard board for the base
3. Empty yoghurt cans
4. Glue/cello tape

How to make:-
1. Cover the yoghurt cans with different coloured papers.
2. Stick them on the Base.
3. And your Colour Pencil Holder is ready.


Sayantani said...

kothay chole giechili? amai bhablam ki holo ke jane. amaro somoy ato kharap jache ki bolbo. jaihok tora Kol aschis? pencil holder ta khub sundor.

Suja Sugathan said...

Hi dear..hope u r doing well..beautiful pencil holder.

GB said...

Hey Kamalika,

Read about your upcoming move---I can relate to the feeling as we had made a similar descision a few years back...I was sad to leave our home then, but I slowly made new friends and started to think of the new place as home. Then we moved again and the cycle seems to be repeating itself.............I hope you come to love your new home with more fervor than the last....change can be stressful, so tackle the packing lists one day at a time. Where are you moving to? how long will you be in India? I hope everything works out smoothly and that you continue blogging.......till your next post, au revoir! said...

lovely manor in which to teach achild colour and also encourage them to keep pencils sorted nad tidy in this novel way.

Hari Chandana said...

Amazing job dear !!

Priya said...

Glad to see u back Kamalika, cute very creative pen holders, kids will definitely like this.

Sulagna said...

Hi Kamalika
It's nice to have you back..All the best for your shifting..Loved your concept of pencil holders ..Take care !!


Uma said...

Hi Kamalika!
good to see you back..
nice pencil holder..
Hope everything goes well with relocation.. Take Care :)

Veggie Hut said...

Hey Kamalika,

That is cute little creation of yours! LOve the way u teach ur child abt the sourroundings! All the best for your move and hope to see ur lovely post with amazing pictures more often!

Swathi said...


I like these cute pencil boxes. Nice way to treat little princess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kamalika..where have you been? I checked your page quite a few times.
I hope you are doin great and will have a smooth shift.Its not very easy to leave a place you have been living for some time because of the attached memories..but what the heck as long as you are with family memories can be created anywhere :)
Those pencil holders look good.Hope to see posts from you soon.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours :)

Silence Sings said...

Thanks to all of you for welcoming me back after a long break....Its really too inspiring...

Anonymous said...

:) - WOW

So cute!!!!

Silence Sings said...

Thanks to all of u....

Kamalika said...

Hi Kamalika,

It feels good for me to type my name . I stumbled upon your blog from the round up of No baking event. Extremely happy to write to you. You have a wonderful blog. And I enjoyed reading your write ups.