September 8, 2013

Restaurant Review- Bongoan, Kolkata

Picture Courtesy: Sarani Tarafdar of
Location:  17/4, Opposite State Bank, Kalikapur Road, Kalikapur, Kolkata
Contact : 033 24842480, +91 8420291730
Price for two: 600/- to 800/- (Apprx)
Cuisine: Bengali, Goan, Chinese
Hours: 12.30pm - 3.00pm and 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Rating: 2.5/5

Picture Courtesy: Sarani Tarafdar of
Bongoan, a small cozy corner situated on the main road of Kalikapur Road, just in a stone's throw from E.M. Bypass Road, was our this time's destination for the Restaurant Review program that we really enjoyed as the members  of Kolkata Food Bloggers group and Kolkata Chef At Large Bloggers' Table. Specialized mainly in Bengali and Goan cuisine and also with a handful dishes from the Chinese cuisine, the name Bongoan apprises the customers with an intricate attraction to visit the restaurant. With a sitting arrangement of approximately 8-9 tables in a not so small room and with a cozy little kitchen, the limited stuff members were very active to attend each and every customer with full attention that we found right after entering the restaurant. They very nicely accommodated us, a member of 7 giggling girls and helped us to feel comfortable at every aspect.
The day after was my birthday. So we started our meet first cutting the awesome cake Sayantani baked for me. The girls sang the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for me and at the same time we heard in the background the HAPPY BIRYHDAY music echoing in the room. That was such a sweet gesture from the Bongoan family.
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

In the dreamy low light of the neon rope light all the 7 cameras started to play the music with the clicking sound as soon as our starters were served on our table. Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (120/-) was served not so hot and we were not able to do justice with the soup. It’s too thick and lumpy. Along with the soup we ordered three more starters.  
Spicy Chilly Baby Corn ( 90/-), did really the justice by crossing the  parameter of spiciness. It is spicy and hot and tasty too. If you are a spicy food lover then it’s the right choice for you. But if you are not then never try this as the heat of chilli may burn all your taste bud {WARNING}.  
Lottya Fry (Bombay duck) served with French fries (120/-), this fish I tired for the first time and didn't liked that much. It looked very crispy from the out side but the thickness of the batter  needed to be fried  more as the crunchiness got totally missed when the bite reached till the fish. Therefore it tasted little bit soggy and stinky.
Sesame Fried Prawn, Continental Style (300/-) was the real taste changer and star among all the starters we had. The crispy and crunchy fritters with the soft prawns inside left the sumptuousness in our mouth until we were served the main course. We all really enjoyed the Sesame Fried Prawn. Though it’s a bit spicy, the savoury of spiciness paired perfectly with the fry.
Next came the three main courses that we ordered along with two steamed rice. Pork Bhuni (150/-) as they call it a signature dish cooked with diced pork, potato and onion with some flavourful spices, tasted quite nice. Though we munched Pork fat much rather than the Pork cubes. The scarce little Pork cubes gave little wild smell what we felt tended to be spices up a bit with longer marinade. But over all we liked and enjoyed the taste.

Mutton Vindaloo (250/-) comes along with steamed rice. It is another rich Goan dish which usually tastes like a pickle as it gets marinated in a good amount of vinegar/red wine and garlic to give the pickling flavour. When we tasted the dish it gave us too much of the aroma and flavour of the vinegar which left a pungent tanginess with an unusual taste and didn't hit the satisfactory bud of the foodies like us. 
Both the gravy of Mutton Vindaloo and Chicken Xacutti (200/-) looked like same but believe me the Chicken Xacutti really touched our heart with the balanced incorporation of the spices with coconut amalgamated in the chicken. Each one of us really enjoyed the dish. 

The choice of the dessert that evening was Bebinca (120/-), the famous Goan Dessert that people die to taste. But to our utter disappointment the first appearance of the dish dismayed all our cravings for this delicious dessert. And after tasting it we landed up in a total disappointment. It tasted more like a caramel coated gooey sticky bite nothing near to the layered soft pudding flavour. 

We really enjoyed, giggled and shared hearty laughs with each other. It was a memorable evening for me as after a long time I celebrated my birthday with my friends and in such a surprising and unexpected manner. I was totally touched by the sweet gestures of my friends/fellow bloggers. But the food experience was not that satisfactory as we expected. The restaurant guys need to work a bit hard by comprising more of the authentic dishes by working on it.

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